Here at Digimonk, we blend different ways of performance-based marketing to produce the best outcomes for your company in the most cost-effective way. We produce content, analyze personas, then choose what would be the right target audience and buying for global clients and drive media planning. We measure the KPIs and optimize campaigns to maximize conversion rates and drive higher ROI.

Our Process
Account Audit

We see a 100 point checklist to check your account which helps recognize potential regions of development. The parameters we cover thoroughly are Verifying the target location, Ensuring accurate grouping of keywords, Verifying proper labeling of ads, etc.

TG Identification and Channel Selection

Our placement and keyword research is very exhaustive and it passes by many steps of iterations before it coming at the final decision.

Ads and Landing Page Design and Development

Our development and design crew gets down to designing the perfect landing pages and advertisement for your enterprise portal. We have ad copies that plan to pull the target group immediately.

Campaign Optimization

We test ads inside the ad groups to know which ad is doing best and which one needs correction. The ads are passed by Split Ad Testing, Optimization, A/B Testing as well as Landing Page Session Recording

Analysis and Reporting

Our reports which we produce on daily, weekly and monthly basis will help you stay in full control of the ad campaigns using with actionable insights on visibility and time spent on a page, user engagement map analysis, engagement levels garnered and lots more