With big influence EMC ( email marketing campaigns ) inspired by automated workflows and strong monitoring of open, click-through, and conversion rates, we aim to give you the highest achievable ROI ( Return On Investment ) for the business you are running. We enable you to build consistent and worthwhile communication that helps to manage meaningful relationships with the customers.

Our Process
Audience Building

Our email marketing campaigns concentrate on getting new consumers and maintaining the current ones through strategic messaging, engaging designs and related content

Customer Retention

Along with impactful email marketing campaigns, we strategize to cross-sell and upsell your brand, driving to consumer retention by a logical way

Campaign Creation

With the target audience determined and impactful sources at hand, we manage brand promotion campaigns by right marketing methods and tactics. We create automated workflows and lead scoring to send trigger-based email automation that results in quality leads

Content Creation and Design

Our design and content specialists go by research and work according to industry demands. They produce very beautifully crafted email designs with impactful content, to drive a CA ( Call to Action ).

Reporting and Analytics

After the implementation of the tactics, the outcomes are tracked, measured, assessed and reported with legible, interactive tables and graphs. We include a range of metrics and report numbers on the Open rate, Click-through rate, Delivery rate, Bounce rate, Unsubscribe rate