What is Google Tag Manager? with its Benefits

You may have heard about Google Tag Manager and must be thinking to apply it on your website. But still, if you are not sure about it then this article can be useful for you. Okay, so when it comes to Google Tag Manager (GTM) there are always two kinds of people. The first type of people thinks that it very easy and second type of people think that it is very hard. But in my opinion, Google Tag Manager is somewhere between that ( for me). It is neither too easy nor very hard to use and if you have proper knowledge then it can benefit you a lot as a marketer.

So without any further due let's get started with our content.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a tool that is mainly made for marketers. This tool allows you to edit the different tracking tags and pixels through its web-based interface on your website. The reason why it is popular among marketers is that with Google Tag Manager you don’t have to touch the source code of your website to put any marketing tag. 

It only requires an initial setup where you are asked to add a code into your head tag and other into your body tag of the website. After this, you can create different variables of your marketing tags within your Tag Managers dashboard and all those tags will be fired with the help of those two codes. Here GTM works like a mediator between marketing tags and your website. 

Benefits of Using Google Tag Manager

Now let's talk about how Google Tag Manager can help you and what are its benefits:-

1. Easy to Use

If you are also a marketer then it is can be very easy for you to use it after some basic tutorials. GTM makes your life easier as a marketer as we don’t like to go into the code again and again. You can fire any tracking and marketing code from your GTM dashboard only. There are many options in the dashboard to choose which kind of tag you want to enter like FB pixel, Google analytics, etc. And if you want to add any custom HTML tag then you can also add it from there.

2. Event Tracking Made Simple

Tracking events like form submissions, link click and many more becomes easy with GTM. Generally, it requires a separate code to be added to the website to track events. But with GTM’s auto-tracking feature you can target the links and buttons with attributes that are already on them. Here you can also use the standardized naming structure.

3. Apps and AMP Supported

You can use Google Tag Manager for AMP pages and mobile apps as well. Since AMP is a pretty new concept so many other services don’t support AMP but that’s not a case with GTM. Apart from that if you have an app then it can be very useful for you. Google Tag Managers allows you to edit your tags without updating the source code and publishing new app updates.

Because it is not practical to publish app updates whenever you make small changes to marketing tags.

4. Security Features

Google tag manager can automatically scan the tags and HTML scripts of your website. If GTM finds any known malicious domain, IP address or URL then it automatically pauses it. I think this one of the best features of it to protect your websites from hackers and malware scripts.

You can also manage the users who can access your GTM account and assign roles to them. This way you can handle your marketing team in a better way.

5. It is Free to Use

The last benefit of Google Tag Manager is that it is free to use for everyone. Just like other tools from Google i.e. Google Analytics, Google Search Console this tool provides all its services for free. A fine-tuned combination of all the tools provided by Google can definitely help you to improve your online visibility.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this article that GTM can be complicated if you are using it for the first time. Therefore I will recommend you to first read or watch some basic tutorials of it then apply it.

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