Top 10 Inspirational Business And Entrepreneurship Movies Of All Time .

Cinema truly is the medium for the masses. Not everybody can read a book, but anybody can watch a movie. This gives movies a reach that no other form of communication has, and this reach gives the medium its power. Movies can comfort you, distract you, make you happy and take you on an adventure. 

But the great ones can heal you as a person, expand your mind, and inspire you towards greatness. 

Here at Digimonk India, we love our movies too. We are not all work and no play. We watch inspirational, powerful movies that energise us and inspire us to do the creative technical innovation we are known by our clients for! 

So, we decided to curate a list of movies that have inspired us to be better as a company, and inspired our people to push themselves and the company forward. 

#10. The Aviator (2004)
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Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, this is a biographical film about Howard Hughes, who was an aviation and film tycoon in America in the 1930s and 1940s. 

This movie is about passion, ambition and boldness. Howard Hughes was a genius in many different fields, and he confidently pursued major projects in both film and aviation. There are many geniuses in the world, but few possess the boldness and confidence to do big things. 

At Digimonk, we take inspiration from people like Howard Hughes and constantly experiment and try new things. It is our passion that has led to our success and to our expansion to countries like Australia and Canada. And it’s this boldness that will take us further. 

Let The Aviator inspire you to listen to your inner genius, and attempt big things in this world!

#9. Joy (2015)

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Joy (2015) - IMDb

Directed by David O. Russell, Joy is a movie about Joy Mangano, a self-made millionaire who used her creativity and invention to build her own business empire, overcoming great difficulty in her family life. 

It is often said that a person’s family can be their biggest blessing or their greatest curse. Because a good family can shape you into a great person, and a bad family can create a lot of problems in your life. Joy Mangano, played by Oscar winner Jennifer Laurence in this movie, comes from a difficult family background. 

Despite these challenges, she remains optimistic, which allows her to be creative and invent a new type of mop, which she builds herself. When she tries to market the mop, she faces a new set of challenges with fraudulent business partners and so on, but she remains persistent, and eventually becomes a highly successful businesswoman who financially supports other creative inventors. 

This movie inspires us at Digimonk to stay focussed and calmly and creatively tackle the various challenges that we face at the company. 

#8. Moneyball (2011)

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Moneyball (2011) - IMDb

Moneyball is a really unique sports movie that packs a ton of important business lessons. The movie is about a sports team in America, managed by Billy Beane. This team has not had much success in the baseball tournament, and is thus financially not in a good position. 

Billy Beane and his assistant Peter Brand, use a new kind of statistical method to analyse players. This allows them to build a new team despite their poor financial position, because they are able to find highly skilled players who are undervalued by other teams. They go against the rest of the team management, who were used to relying on their experience and intuition, to build this team. 

Their method proves to be successful, and their new, low budget team manages to punch above its weight and achieve a lot of success in American baseball. 

This movie talks about the courage to experiment with new ideas - which is critical for startups and small businesses. Businesses need to keep their minds and their eyes open to new possibilities, and use their agility to experiment with new techniques, processes and technologies. 

#7. The Pursuit of Happyness (2011)

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The Pursuit of Happyness (2006) - IMDb

This is another brilliant movie that is based on a real life story. In 1981, salesman Chris Gardner naively invests all of his life savings on portable density scanners, hoping to sell them to doctors and make a lot of money. The difficulty in selling these scanners creates financial instability in his life, which costs him his marriage. 

Chris manages to get an unpaid internship at a stock brokerage, while living without a home of his own. Despite his challenges, he continues to innovate during his internship and develops a number of ways to achieve higher sales. This results in success and he gets hired by the brokerage firm in a highly paid, full time role. Eventually, Chris Gardner goes on to form his own highly successful brokerage firm. 

This movie makes us grateful for our own lives, while inspiring us to relentlessly focus on delivering better results to our customers. 

#6. The Founder (2016)

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The Founder (2016) - IMDb

The Founder is based on the real life story of Ray Kroc (played by Michael Keaton), who struggles as a travelling salesman of milkshake machines. His chance meeting with the Mcdonald brothers during one of his sales routes inspires him to start a chain of fast service restaurants, without compromising on quality. 

The movie teaches us about openness and curiosity, and about the power of persistence, which is absolutely critical in all businesses. We can learn from Ray Kroc to keep our eyes open in the world, keep observing the world and keep looking for great opportunities. But finding an opportunity is not enough, it takes a lot of pure hard work to build something real out of a business opportunity. 

#5. Jerry Maguire (1996)

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Jerry Maguire (1996) - IMDb

This movie is about a sports agent who starts out working at a fancy sports management company. However, he realizes that his relationship with his clients were based on dishonesty and manipulation, in pursuit of corporate efficiency. He wanted to reduce the number of his clients to produce a better personal relationship with them, and better help them succeed, acting as their mentor. 

This movie is about business with idealism, about how one can pursue their business while maintaining their ideals of high quality. Companies, when they grow big, often decline in service delivery in the pursuit of higher efficiency. 

#4. Twelve Angry Men (1957)

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12 Angry Men Poster Art By Christopher King | 12 angry men movie, Cinema  posters, Movie posters

This is an interesting one, because this has nothing to do with business directly. But as they say, the most powerful lessons are learnt indirectly, subtly. Same goes for the business lessons that are hidden in this movie. 

Twelve angry men starts with a murder. After the murder, a boy gets accused of the crime. Twelve jurors, who give the movie its title, then assemble in a room and debate about the boy, to decide whether he is guilty of the murder or not. 

The movie showcases various persuasion methods, some powerful negotiation techniques, and also conflict resolution and consensus building. At its core, the movie is about clear thinking, sound decision making, and emotional intelligence. Which are all powerful skills to have as a businessperson, far more important than technical skills, according to many business leaders. 

#3. Steve Jobs (2015)

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Steve Jobs (2015) - IMDb

This is a unique movie that is divided into three parts, each parts covers Steve Jobs at three different product launches, in 1984, 1988, and finally in 1998. Each of the parts captures the personality, thought process, personal relationships and overall maturation of Steve Jobs at different stages in his life. 

This movie gives us a sneak peak into Steve Jobs as a person, and showcases both his genius and his flaws. That’s the movie’s focus, and it uses three important events in computer history as the backdrop for this. It’s a must watch for serious technology enthusiasts and general viewers alike, the tech enthusiasts at Digimonk will be able to appreciate some other finer points in the movie as well. 

This movie allows us at Digimonk to be in touch with technological history, and with some important people who shaped it. And it inspires us to leave our own little mark in the world of technology, through our own great products and services at Digimonk. 

#2. Rocket Singh (2009)

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Rocket Singh: Salesman of the Year (2009) - IMDb

Made by the team behind the movie Chak De! India, Rocket Singh stars Ranbir Kapoor, in one of his best roles, as an honest and simple guy named Harpreet. Harpreet is academically unsuccessful with limited job prospects. When he joins a big computer assembly company, as a salesman, he notices the bribery and corruption in the sales staff, and poor services being offered by his company. 

This inspires him to start a new company, Rocket Sales, which focuses on strong sales and support. There are some hiccups initially, but eventually his company becomes very successful. 

This is one of Digimonk staff’s all time favourites. It grounds us during hard times, by reminding us to focus on pure honesty and hardwork. 

#1. The Social Network (2010)

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The Social Network (2010)

This is one of the most impactful movies about business and entrepreneurship ever made, and also Digimonk’s top pick. And for good reason. It tells us the dramatic story of the founding of what is now one of the most powerful technology companies of the world, facebook. This is a movie that single handedly started the entrepreneurship trend worldwide, inspiring millions of people. 

But it’s not just about facebook, it's also about the key people behind the company, and their lives and personalities. Seeing these characters in action, working hard and building facebook bit-by-bit, inspires us to do the same with our products. 


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Karan Gupta and Riya Kumari are management trainee and marketing intern at Digimonk. 

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