Tips to Secure your Android Devices

Android is the most popular operating system these days. Almost 80% of the mobile phones run on the Android operating system. The reason for the popularity of android is its open-source nature. 

This open-source nature brings many opportunities for its users and with these opportunities comes various security risks. So in this article, we are going to tell you some tips to keep your Android devices safe.

Android Security Tips 

1. Avoid Third-Party App Stores

Flexibility is just the reason why people choose Android over iOS's. This flexibility also provides you with the chance to cause some harm for your phone. Android enables you to install applications out of their application installer, as you may do on a Windows device. 

It's possible to download 'apk' program files out of the browser, or by a third-party app store such as SlideMe or even Getjar. 

That may sound good, but many times apps from third-party app stores can damage your device permanently and even steal your data. Such malicious apps are never allowed on the Google play store.

2. Don’t Root Your Device

Rooting or Jailbreaking your mobile is like that if you eliminate the guard that the manufacturers have put in position. It means that you can get and then unlock your cell phone. 

That sets you, although it could be tempting root or to either jailbreak on your mobile to access program stores aside from the state ones. 

The programs onto those stores have never been assessed and may hack your mobile and also steal your personal information.

3. Consider Using VPN

A VPN, or virtual private system, behaves such as an excess layer of security for surfing, as your computer data has been passed via an encrypted connection between your mobile and the servers of the VPN provider. 

Although a VPN is straightforward, still it sounds technical. A number of the VPN services have Android apps, and you can download these apps from app stores, pick this server's precise place you need. 

This way, your mobile may pretend whenever you want it through the entire planet. Prime rated VPN services consist of Tunnelbear, NordVPN along with ExpressVPN, one of the others.

4. Secure Password

Putting passwords that are strong in your system is likely to create it harder for a hacker. Besides, it is suggested to specify a password for each program. 

This way if your one password is discovered, the hacker will not have access to all your information. Not only personal devices but professional devices are at risk too. 

As stated by the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2018 Report, just 39% of mobile device users in businesses affect all default passwords, and only 38% use strong two-factor authentication in their cellular phones. By using a weak password, you can put a whole organisation at risk.