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Guerrilla marketing is a strategy to advertise a company in order to grab unconventional public attention. Actually, it is a very unconventional form of inbound marketing; it raises brand awareness among the audience, without irritating them.

We will start with some basics around it. Where it came from and how it works? What`s the outcome of Guerrilla marketing.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

 The term Guerrilla Marketing was propounded by Jay Conrad Levinson in 1984. Guerrilla marketing uses multiple techniques to grab the direct attention of the customer. The main goal of this interaction is to create an emotional reaction in the client and the ultimate marketing goal is to get remembered by people. It gets highly viral on social media via word of mouth. Thus product or service gets more engagement & reaches.

All kinds of Guerrilla Marketing

 There are several subs categories of Guerrilla Marketing.

Outdoor Guerrilla Marketing: Outdoor Guerrilla marketing is known as putting temporary artwork on sidewalks & streets of the city OR putting something removable on statues & buildings.

Indoor Guerilla Marketing: It is almost similar to outdoor Guerrilla Marketing, it takes place on indoor interior of stations, shops, airports, university campus, etc.

Event Ambush Guerrilla Marketing: Grabbing audience attention in progress event is known as event ambush guerrilla marketing. We can promote our product or service in a live concert or sporting a game, usually without the permission from event sponsors.

Experiential Guerilla Marketing: The entire above-explained guerrilla Marketing tactics require the public attention.

We know without the context, the whole idea of Guerrilla marketing could be a little bit confusing.

7 inspiring guerrilla marketing examples


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