5 Ads Trends For 2021

#1: Style Facebook Ads to News Feed Posts


While I will share some particular tactics for Facebook ads, this first trend is more of a big-picture one. When you run Facebook ad campaigns, consider modeling your ad content to what people typically see in the news feed.

The best ads I've come across—and those I've run for my business—match the news feed in terms of copy and imagery, making the ads feel more like organic posts. The ads blend in with the other feed content, so people are more likely to stop scrolling and read them.

And while you want your ads to match the news feed, they should also stand out. The rest of this article explores some techniques that will help you do that.

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#2: Copywriting

Many advertisers use stuffy language in their ads, so one Facebook ad trend you may want to try is loosening up your grammar. Remember that Facebook is a casual platform, so less formal ad copy is okay.

If your target demographic is in their 20s or 30s, think about how they write when they text their friends and try to match that style. It's a fun experiment, and sometimes it works well. For instance, people in their 20s tend to use sentence fragments in their texts and don't use punctuation. If your Facebook ad copy reflects their texting style, you might see your results improve.

#3: Short Video

I know I sound like a broken record when I say that all marketing is moving toward video, but it's true. The second you bring motion into your Facebook ads, people pay attention.

When you create a video, keep these two points in mind.

First, don't overthink production quality. The videos you create for your Facebook ads don't need to have a high production value and look like a commercial you could air on TV.

Videos taken with your smartphone can be super-effective because they'll more closely mimic the content people typically see in the feed. The key to video is offering high-value content.

Second, keep your videos short. Often, businesses are intimidated by the prospect of creating video, thinking they need a 3-minute or longer scripted video that's polished and professional.

One way to make the process easier is to create short videos. You may be surprised at how much content you can fit into a 20- or 30-second video and how effective it can be in your ads.


#4 Customised advertising

Also known as personalized advertising, this refers to the capability of showing a customized ad to each target audience you are pursuing.

As customers perceive personalization as attractive and engaging, they actively dislike being exposed to generic adverts – this is something that we expect businesses to take advantage of in 2021.

Another example of ad personalization is the increasing usage of one-to-one videos. These are personalized video messages sent by brands and businesses to their customers instead of using old-fashioned cold-calls and emails.


#5 Facebook News Feed to Facebook Stories Ads

After over a decade of Facebook's News Feed being synonymous with the platform itself, Facebook is turning Stories' focus.

When Facebook first launched Stories, a lot of people didn't see the point. That's what Snapchat and Instagram were for. But the numbers don't lie: 500 million daily users are engaging with this feature.

Facebook Stories are full-screen photos, videos and posts that are only available for 24 hours. Photos play for five seconds, and 20 seconds of video is supported. Live videos disappear after you stop broadcasting. And comments and likes are only visible to the poster.

Facebook Stories Ads can be either mobile-shot or studio-shot, and Facebook recommends using a combination of both for campaigns, depending on your objectives: "Mobile-shot refers to creative that resemble organic Stories content, similar to the effect of using a mobile phone camera, or 'selfie-mode.'

Studio-shot appears to be of higher production value, more like traditional ads. Depending on your objective, strategies may vary":