Top 5 Technology Trends in 2020

If you own a business or working in a field that runs on this very dynamic field of technology then you must keep yourself updated with the newest trends.

As a tech-savvy, you must be aware of the things that are going to change the world of tech in 2020. So in this article, we are going to discuss some of the emerging technologies in 2020.

Latest Technology Trends in 2020

1. AI Technology 

Today every tech company is looking at AI as the future of the technology sector. Therefore big tech giants are investing millions of dollars in research and development of AI in their industry.

In my recent article, I have also talked about AI a bit. Companies are more interested in it than anything else before because Ai can automate most of their work.

Currently, AI is being used to industries like driving automation, supply chains, manufacturing sectors, etc. But the most optimal use of AI can be seen in developing the chatbots.

These AI operated chatbots have cut the cost of a manual human operator. Although these chatbots are at a very initial stage I am sure in the near future they are going to replace most of the manual customer support desk of companies. 

Siri, Alexa, and Google’s assistant are major examples of these chatbots.

2. 5G Network

In the year 2020, there is going to be a technology revolution with cellular connectivity. Most of the developed countries are like the US, Australia, and European countries are likely to introduce 5G. Although countries like China and South Korea already have millions of 5G subscribers

Till the date, I am writing this article there has been no exact numbers about the speed of 5G network. But according to service providers, 5G is going to be 100 times faster than 4G. Theoretically, it looks good on papers.

5G is delivering data to users at three different radio frequencies namely Low, Mid and High band 5G. All these frequencies serve different speeds at different distances. If 5G is as miraculous as service providers are projecting it then there is going to be a revolution in transferring the information.

3. Edge Computing

In 2020 the edge computing is going to be the third most popular and innovative technology trend. Edge computing will redefine the cloud computing concept as it is a more advanced version of it. 

Most of the technology companies were just trying to understand cloud computing and now they have to add edge computing on their board as well. 

As we said edge computing is a more advanced version of cloud computing. In cloud computing all the data is collected and processed in a centralized data processing center. 

Whereas with edge computing specific processes are done away from centralized data processing centers to point to networks close to the users or devices. Therefore it is considered to be faster than cloud computing architecture. Although this difference is of just a few milliseconds but in the big data processing, those milliseconds make a big difference.

4. Practical Deployment of Blockchains

In 2020 blockchain is going to be more mature and practically applicable. Blockchain is mainly used to store transactions and banking details. It is way more secure than the previous methods that’s why China and U.S. are going to deploy this technology in various sectors this year.

The words “Block” and “chain” in the term “Blockchain” are not used in their regular meaning but here they refer to the digital information. Blocks are a small set of data units that stores different types of data (up to 1mb) and together they form a chain of different small data units.

This technology can be used to protect the sensitive data of buyers on eCommerce stores and payment gateways.

5. Multi-experience

In 2020, multi-experience in going to reimagine the user experience. User experience will shift from the two-dimensional display and touch experience to an experience that surrounds us.

People have started witnessing these trends with virtual reality(VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). These technologies have changed the way of people perceiving the information.

This combined change in the perception and interaction models will lead to the future multisensory and multimodal experience.


Above mention are the 5 top technology trends of 2020. These technologies will surely bring an impact on the workforce and will generate new possibilities for humans. People will definitely have to upgrade their skill sets in order to manage in this dynamically changing field. 

Also, these trends will bring some challenges to the enterprises’ owners. If they resist these technologies then it will put their companies behind.